Department of Recreation and Sports Management

The department offers courses from Bachelors to PhD degree levels in the areas of Recreation and Sports Management. Courses taught in the department include Certificate in Sports Administration, Diploma in Sports Administration and Management, and Postgraduate Diploma in Sports Administration and Management. These courses are geared towards training professionals in the managerial and technical areas of leisure, recreation, Physical fitness and elite sports. The courses are particularly relevant and necessary in view of the ever-increasing need for organized exercise and physical fitness for the prevention and management of hypokinetic diseases (health conditions associated with inactivity) such as obesity, arthritis, high blood pressure, diabetes and others. The popularity of physical fitness, recreation and sports in the modern world also creates the requirement for Professional Recreation Managers, a need that is addressed by the department through the training of recreation, sports managers and Sports Administrators.

The department is located near the University’s swimming pool and adjacent to Harambee Hall (Theatre Arts and Film Technology Department).

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Teaching Staff
The department has a team of highly qualified and vibrant academic staff. They comprise of 1 Associate Professor, 5 Lecturers (4 of whom are PhD- holders and 1 Masters Holder), and 4 Tutorial Fellow.

Non-teaching Staff
1Out-door technician
1 secretary
1 office assistant
1 store clerk
4 Campsite attendants


In order to enhance collaborative activities in the areas of staff and students’ exchange, research, curriculum and community service, the department has established linkages with many other universities, institutions and organizations in several countries of the world. These include University of Manitoba and University of Ottawa (in Canada),West Virginia University (USA), Volda University (in Norway), Tshwane University of Technology and University of Pretoria, University of Cape Town and University of Johannesburg (in South Africa), University of Makerere and Kyambogo University (in Uganda), University of Dar-essalaam (in Tanzania) and many others in UK, USA and Germany. The existing linkage with Volda University has continued to enable the best two of our best undergraduate students to proceed to Norway (in the same University) on annual basis to complete their undergraduate courses there. The department also collaborates with the Kenya Medical Research Institute and other international organizations that include IAAF and FIFA.

The department utilizes several facilities for teaching and research purposes. An ultra-modern Human Performance Laboratory for use in research and teaching of physical fitness near completion. The available and well equipped gymnasium complex is used for teaching various practical courses. The university has an expansive field where all field related sports are taught. This includes Racket and Batting Games, Ball games and Athletics. In addition, the department utilizes the university swimming pool for teaching swimming lessons and other aquatic activities. In order to enhance the teaching of outdoor education and leadership, the department is in the process of developing a campsite within the university.

  • Postgraduate Seminars are scheduled every last Thursday of the month

  • Examination moderation meeting are held two weeks after the start of a new semester and determined by the main university academic calendar.

  • Board of Examiners meeting is held two weeks after the completion of the examinations and also determined by the main university academic calendar.


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